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Format which combines photographs of different performed work. Independent publications, few quantities,

which take into account the concept of "author design".


Anatomy of a World in Black and White (Editores Asociados, 2014)


Those people, their faces, their feet, their hands; those restless moments; everything comes together in an attempt to unravel the enigmatic carefree essence of things.

Impossible to speak of stillness, when the photographs of this book are moving, textures flaming, ascending lines that lead us to somewhere and then bring us back. Elements that a distracted eye would judge side, become more relevant and starring for the inquisitive look of a good observer.

So, who looks and contemplates the scene sprawled in the frame, runs always a new and nominal path; a path of its own.

The persistent and stubborn way to peek and see what's on the other side.

(Lucas Vega, Buenos Aires, 2013)


ISBN 978-987-45353-0-6

15 cm x 20 cm, 120 pp.

Font and back covers, matte finished, 320 grs.

Interior, matte finished, 150 grs.


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